About Lauren

Where can I hear your music?

In addition to audio samples on my Portfolio page, I have an active YouTube channel with videos I’ve posted. I also keep inquiring clients informed of public performances in the New England area.

What makes you different from other harpists?

I’m different because of my diverse background in music and versatility as a performer. I entered Berklee as a classically trained harpist and left as a jack-of-all-trades. I was thrown into an environment of constant writing and recording, arranging and performing, and networking and innovating. I consider myself the “Modern Harpist” because I have worked with the most innovative up-and-comers in music and want to bring that knowledge to more traditional settings. As a performer, I’m a low-maintenance musician who plays a high-maintenance instrument! I want to make planning your event as painless as possible and I rarely will say “No” to a new opportunity. I’m occasionally limited by weather conditions and sandy beaches, but I consistently try my best to accommodate your needs. I take my profession very seriously and always arrive promptly and prepared.

Do you have any references?

Yes! Please read my testimonials page here.

About the Harp

If outdoors, what kind of weather conditions does the harp require?

The harp is a delicate stringed instrument and therefore has to be cared for when outdoors. I have the following requirements:
  • The harp has to be protected from unfavorable weather: direct sun, drizzle, and high winds.
  • The temperature should not go below 60 degrees or exceed 90 degrees.
  •  If it begins to rain during an event, I will have to immediately move indoors.
These conditions will ensure that you have the best possible performance from me and the instrument!

Can the harp play with other instruments?

Yes! As a harmony instrument, it is best complimented with single-line melody instruments – such as the flute, violin, voice, or cello. Whatever type of sound you’re looking for, I have experience playing with many instruments and can develop an arrangement to make it work.

What kind of music can you play?

The harp's repertoire is similar to the piano. I’ve played everything from hard rock to jazz to contemporary pop music. In rare cases, the speed and complexity of a piece may not translate well to the harp. When you submit a list of songs, I’ll inform you if there’s something that can’t be played to its full potential on the harp. If you’re considering popular music, I find that bands or artists who feature piano and melodic guitar lines to sound the best.

How loud is the harp?

The harp is loud enough for almost all venues. I own a full-sized pedal harp that is meant to project a dramatic sound. For intimate ceremonies and cocktail hours, the harp can be heard very well on its own. For larger events, I have my own discreet amplification that I can adjust as needed.

How do you get the harp around?

I have a specialized cart I roll the harp on that can handle stairs and some uneven terrain. I have a minivan with all the seats taken out to lay the harp down to transport. I’m self sufficient in getting my instrument around, it just sometimes helps to have the door held for me.

What kind of harp do you play?

I play a Venus Encore pedal harp. It weighs approximately 82 lbs and is 72-1/4” tall.


Do you charge a minimum amount?

Yes. Even though your ceremony may not last more than 20 minutes, there is still a lot of time I invest in musical and logistical preparation. Transporting the harp, setting up with my accessories and amplification, and dismantling it all at the end often results in a two-hour time commitment for me. I also provide a 15-minute cushion in case your ceremony runs late. I give a consultation free of charge and take the time to learn new pieces you’d like.

Do you take breaks during events?

If your event is over 90 minutes, I take a quick break every hour to rehydrate and prepare for the next of block of time.

How much space do you need?

To ensure I have room for my harp, stool, and music stand I need at least 4’ x 4’ to perform comfortably. I need a flat, hard, and level playing surface as well.

What if you get sick on the day of my event?

I have not missed a single booking in my seven years of professional experience. In the emergency that I cannot perform, I will try my best to find a replacement right away. From Berklee and years of playing in New England, I have a network of musicians who would offer to fill my spot. If I can’t find someone to substitute, I will refund your payment in full.

When do you arrive and what do you need?

I always arrive at least 30 minutes before I need to start playing (this means a full hour before a wedding ceremony.) Ahead of time, I prefer to coordinate the most harp-friendly access point to your venue (handicap ramp, etc) and a parking space nearby for loading and unloading. I also like to consult with either you or your event coordinator to find where you would like me to set up. If using an amplifier, I require an accessible outlet.

Weddings and Events

What do you wear?

I have an extensive wardrobe to suit the tone of your event. For outdoor summer weddings, I have long floral dresses. For indoor formal cocktail hours, I have full-length black gowns. And please always let me know if you have a color preference to match your event décor.

How do I choose the music?

I have a sample Repertoire list, and I am always here to help! I’m available to speak over the phone or meet in person to go over selections. Whether you’re thinking traditional or outside the box, I’m here to take your requests and ensure you and your guests have a memorable experience.

How can I use the harp in my wedding?

I typically start with 30 minutes of prelude music prior to your ceremony as guests are arriving. Then, I play for the bridal party and bride’s processionals, any musical interludes during the ceremony (unity candle lighting, passing of the rings, etc), and the recessional. I’m available to play for the cocktail hour as well.